A Better Hospital for Berwick WADE'S STORY

"Hi, some of you guys will know me and some will not. My mother Jenny Garland trained and worked at Berwick for many years. I have need of medical services more than ever before in my life as my 10 month old son is ill and requires medical help with feeding, movement, and a list that goes on. We have to travel to the RVI for most of these appointments that sometimes last all of 30 minutes but takes us the better part of the whole day as Wade (my son) does not travel well. Berwick hospital does not carry any of the universal feeding equipment that is used in Northumberland and across the world. So I ask will anything change?? Can I help it change ?? I am willing and able to stand in front of anybody and look them in the eye while holding my ill son and ask them!! Now that my rant is over I have included a picture for Wade for because he is my everything.

The main difficulties we struggle with as a family are the distances and time taken to get to appointments, as Wade needs a person to travel in the back of the car with him because he has no gag reflex and postnatal breathing difficulties. This means I have to take time off work, either as holiday or unpaid time, as a 2pm appointment requires us to leave Berwick at 12 midday and not be able to leave Newcastle till after 4:30 due to feeding times. These apointments can last all of 30 minutes. We feel that when something goes wrong we are so far away from the help that we need. It's a constant worry of being so far away that is making us think of moving from our home town and relocating closer to Newcastle, which we dont really want to do but we have to really consider it. Wade is susceptible to chest infections as he had maconian asperation when he was born. We nearly spent last christmas in the RVI as a result of this. When wade fell ill before Christmas, we rushed him to Berwick Infirmary as we had waited 3 hours for a call back. We were rushed by blue light to the RVI. We can't fault the staff and their wanting to help but they could do next to nothing and i had to rush back home to get our syringes while waiting for an ambulance."

- Simon Garland

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