1. Colin Mole on 7 November, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    At no time in any discussions was there talk of Union Brae GP surgery being involved at any new Hospital/ Clinic or lack of space for it. Has someone got their wires crossed? Surely it is/was Wells Close GP surgery that was going to be involved in any new Hospital as it is their GPs who service the present Hospital.

  2. J H Fairlamb on 22 November, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    My wife Jane has been waiting for an urgent eye appointment for a couple of months, then this morning she gets a phone call from the RVI saying she has to be there next Thursday at 0845 . Do these people down there never look at a map or have any concept of the logistical difficulty getting down that terrible A1 and negotiating early morning rush hour with a bunch of shit fer brains reading their e-mails while driving ? Frustrating and dangerous for a couple of pensioners who’s not familiar with the city centre . It’s ridiculous what we have to do to get to see a doctor . These receptionists down in Newcastle all need to get a geography lesson and get it pointed out to them that Berwick is up on the Scottish Border and we don’t live anywhere near Wallsend or Whitley Bay where you can just jump on a Metro to get to your appointment . For us it’s a return distance of 124 miles . We are pensioners and sometimes these receptionists don’t realise that not everybody has a car and we have to take the train down . If we had to take the train we still couldn’t get there in time for these early appointments . Jane called back and said that we can’t make that time so in all fairness they did give her another appointment for this ‘urgent’ appointment , Wed. 16th January at 10.00 ! So much for urgency indeed !

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