A Better Hospital for Berwick ABOUT US

ABHFB started from Facebook posts and the 'group' being formed on Facebook.

At a public meeting on the 3rd Oct 2018 the following individuals received a mandate from those present to represent local people as A Better Hospital for Berwick:

Jennifer Mclean, Gordon Mclean, Isabel Hunter, Deb Paget, Kirsty Jamieson, Gayle Skelly, Edward Frank, Michael Crawford, Steven Havelin, Michael Stewart, Alex Gibson and Dorothy Wakenshaw.

ABHFB Committee Statement:  

  • All official interactions between representatives of A Better Hospital for Berwick and any individuals, groups, or organisations will be conducted with a party-politically neutral stance.
  • ABHFB must, in the course of its business, correspond and interact with elected officials (past, present and potential). Although we welcome support and assistance from all political parties and independent politicians to further the aims of the campaign, we will not lend them electoral favour or support for doing so.
  • Members may hold private party-political views and memberships but must not promote these in any actions or decisions related to the campaign.
  • ABHFB does not support any attempt to use the health and wellbeing of the people of Berwick for party-political gain.

Committee members and volunteers