ABHFB – response to news of a stand-alone site

Today, Monday 8th October ABHFB sent an official response to the news that a stand-alone hospital for Berwick is the preferred way forward. This communication (e-mail) was sent to the following agencies & contacts:

  • Northumbria Health Authority NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group
  • All Northumberland County Councillors
  • The House of Commons: Anne-Marie Trevelyan & Tom Forrester
  • The House of Lords: Jeremy Purvis & Alan Beith
  • Healthwatch

The full communication and recipient list can be viewed here

  1. Peter Gullan on 11 October, 2018 at 11:48 am

    I attended a meeting in the( virtualy empty) !! Berwick Hospital, yesterday. How sad it is to see this once busy and bustling building unused and forlorn ! It used to be full of caring ,dedicated and friendly people who were fully equiped with proper tools to help our local population!nNow it seems like an empty shell!!! Can i just register my gratitude to all of the people fighting against the underhand methods!! which have reduced our once brilliant Hospital to its present condition All power to You all Wishing And Hoping to see the new Hospitai Rising From the ashes

  2. Jen mvlean on 12 October, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks for your kind words Peter
    It is sad! Everyone our age remembers just how good it was.
    Now we have a chance to speak out and tell Northumbria Trust /CCG that we’ve had enough.. We want our services Back Now and we want our new hospital to be equally as good as other towns in Northumberland with less population. We are entitled to that it’s our human right!

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